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Award-Winning Engineering

SRICO specializes in the use of electro-optics, nonlinear optics, and ferroelectric materials to create innovative optical chip-based products. Our award-winning engineering team brings extensive expertise in integrated optics, electro-optic materials, optoelectronics, fiber optics, electrical and electronic engineering. We have a proven track record of custom design & development that spans the range from materials to devices to complete systems.

SRICO also provides research and development, custom product design, and fabrication services.

Nonlinear Optical Wavelength Converters

Plug & Play Fiber-coupled PPLN Waveguide Devices.

SRICO’s PPLN wavelength converters operate from visible to mid-IR. Applications include generation of frequency combs, sum and difference frequency for quantum communications, spectroscopy, LIDAR and chemical and biological sensing systems.

Linear Wideband Electro-Optical Modulators

Thin Film Lithium Niobate (TFLN™) Optical Modulators
SRICO’s micron-thin TFLN™ modulators are compact ultra high bandwidth, low voltage devices ideal for integration with Si platforms.

High Power Handling Devices​
SRICO’s proprietary Zn diffused waveguides are capable of handling 1Watt optical power.

Photonic Electric Field Sensors​

SRICO offers unique, photonic-based solutions to challenging problems in electrical measurement and RF signal transmission. SRICO’s integrated optic sensors and fiber optic link products transmit electrical data with interference-free, high fidelity. Their ultra-wide bandwidth has the unique capability to sense or measure very low signals or extremely high signals with unparalleled reliability and without damage. Ideal for applications in Near Field Antenna Measurements, Remote E-field Measurements, EMC/EMI, Contact and Stray Voltage Tests.

Photrode™ Voltage Sensors

  • Revolutionary Non-invasive Electrophysiological Measurements​
    SRICO’s unique, patented, award-winning, all-optical, electrophysiological sensors (Photrodes™) safely and accurately measure EEG and ECG with little or no skin contact. They offer a convenient and non-invasive way to monitor physiological parameters. The technology eliminates the need for conventional electrode attachment and is easy and safe for patient use.​SRICO’s Photrode™ technology is available for licensing. Please contact us at​
  • Optically Isolated High Voltage Measurement​
    Accurately measure voltage >100kV without loading the electrical circuit​.

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